Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) Resident Services

The Mt. Vernon Manor CDC (MVM NAC) is committed to serving the West Philadelphia communities of Mantua, East Parkside, and Powelton Village by connecting residents to the services and programs that best address their needs. Everyone who comes to Mt. Vernon Manor NAC is treated with respect, attention, and patience. People feel comfortable sharing their struggles and successes with MVM NAC staff and we listen carefully and thoughtfully to residents’ concerns and questions and take action to immediately address issues or guide residents to the people and resources that can. 

Check out our NAC service areas below:



Please give us a call at 215-475-9492 or explore our Resident Services tabs to learn more and make an appointment. The NAC Program is supported with funding from the Philadelphia Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). For a full list of Philadelphia Neighborhood Advisory Committees, please visit DHCD’s page here.